Scale: 1:500
Client: All Saints Church, Woodlands, South Yorkshire

Commissioned by the Reverend Stephen Gardner of All Saints Church, this model of Woodlands near Doncaster is part of an ongoing project by the Church to recognise and explore the history of the village. The scale model brings awareness to the 'model village' design by architect Percy Houfton, built in the early 20th Century as tied cottages for the miners of Brodsworth Colliery.

The aim was to represent the village as close as possible as it was on the consecration day of All Saints Church in 1913. Deciding on a style for the model was a challenge as it had to both represent an architectural ideal and have a sense of realism in miniature. The buildings have been modelled digitally and 3D printed using the new Formlabs Form 3, as this method allowed the greatest representation of detail to reflect the differences between over 30 house model variations and several public buildings. They were then hand painted. Pre-existing buildings have been modelled in white (Woodlands Manor and the Old Lodge) to provide contrast with the newly built village.

Comprised of two halves, the model has a total length of nearly 2.5 metres.
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