3D Printing

High quality professional 3D printing service

Our 3D printer, the Ultimaker 3, is the latest addition to the Ultimaker range, offering superb quality, high detail and the ability to print complex designs.
3D printed London city model in white ABS plastic
Using the latest FDM technology, the Ultimaker 3 creates highly detailed 3D prints from draft to high quality, adjusting the layer thickness as required.
We can currently 3D print in Nylon, PLA and ABS plastics in a variety of colours, at the following quality settings:
High Quality: Layer height = 0.06mm (60microns)
Standard: Layer height = 0.1mm (100microns)
Fast: Layer height = 0.15mm (150microns)
Draft: Layer height = 0.2mm (200microns)
The printer also features dual nozzle extrusion, which allows the use of dissolvable PVA material from the second nozzle to act as a support structure for complex designs that would otherwise be unprintable.
If you have a digital model that you need printing, please don't hesitate to get in touch:

 We can also offer a range of post-processing options to complete your model, such as painting and finishing, or can integrate 3D printed parts into traditionally made models - please visit the modelmaking section for examples.​​​​​​​
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